Incorporating Innovative Techniques to tell your Brand’s Story  

Welcome to the Digital Era. A period in time which sees every single one of us working hard to innovate. We’re all trying to be or find the next thing. That thing which leaves an indelible mark on the world, and changes our respective industries forever.

Shouldn’t this robust commitment to innovation extend to the way you tell the world your brand’s story? Shouldn’t the telling of your brand’s narrative show a keen eye for cinematography, consummate attention to detail, and a visible ability to embrace new technologies?

At CBR Productions, we believe it should. We believe in taking your brand’s storytelling and visual production to the next level and beyond. We understand the Digital Era and its many, often ignored nuances. We appreciate and embrace the difference between traditional cinematography and cinematography that is specifically created for online platforms.

At CBR Productions, we incorporate innovative production techniques to tell your brand’s story. This includes:

  • 360° image and video production, giving your viewers a completely immersive experience
  • The creation of visually stunning cinemagraphs
  • The use of drone technology, capturing spectacular, scene-setting images and videos
  • The use of the latest, advanced equipment to ensure that we capture your brand’s story flawlessly